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At Investmentor, we are a diverse bunch of people with different professional backgrounds and cultures. One thing that unites us is our passion for PEOPLE. We are dedicated to being market-leading property mentors to our clients and creating an environment where our members can thrive and be supported throughout every step of the way in building a property portfolio. Innovation and technology are at the forefront of how we will provide best-in-class support for our loyal members. Our integrity, consistent results and our desire to serve will be the signature of our services.

We know most Australians have a realistic chance to succeed in property throughout their lifetime. How? Because we have all done it at Investmentor. All our staff are active and proud property investors and we genuinely believe in the benefits of building a balanced and diversified property portfolio. Between the 8 founding staff members, we are proud owners of 64 properties worth close to $45m. Our paths to property investment have all been unique from each other and this is the diverse expertise and experience we will leverage to empower our members.

From our collective experience, while it has been a windy road filled with many obstacles and challenges, we never stop trying and overcoming them. We know that good things in life do not come easily and the same applies for wealth and financial security. We strive to set real-life examples so we can share guidance and solutions for our members in order to help them thrive and succeed.

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